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Listen to “Peace Peace Peace” right here!

Kate Wallace is an award-winning former Nashville singer/songwriter who returned to her home state of California to carry on the tradition of creating and performing music that matters. While in Nashville, Kate produced and recorded four CDs, was a staff songwriter at Universal/Polygram Music and Honest Entertainment, had songs covered by famous and infamous artists alike, made videos and toured the country, played many folk festivals and clubs in the country, but after 11 years, felt she was Too Long From the Sea (Kate’s critically acclaimed 4th CD), and returned to Santa Barbara. There, she continues to write, record CDs (3 since her Nashville days) play festivals, book the highly popular acoustic music series, Trinity Backstage with fellow artist, Douglas Clegg ( , and teaches songwriting and guitar seminars nationwide, as well as privately.

To have been honored by having her song, Peace Peace Peace (written with fellow California songwriter, Annie J. Dahlgren, selected as the song to represent the state of California as the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree is lighted, is the highlight of her writing career. Kate is a 5th generation Californian (early Californian Don Benito Wilson is her great great grandfather) and is grateful every day that she gets to live in this historically monumental and beautiful state, in hard times and easy alike– and write songs, for heaven’s sake! There is no place like it on earth. Kate said, “I knew immediately, when I heard about the song search, that it was something I wanted to try. I had to coax Annie a little, but once we got going, we felt we had something special on our hands. In these days, we asked ourselves, what would we want the worldwide global community to hear from this nation (courtesy of California) as we light the U.S. Capitol Tree? It was, without hesitation, joy, love, understanding and peace. What else could cross every international cultural and language border and mean more?”

Annie and I both hope we can all carry out this message individually and as a nation.

Annie J. Dahlgren is a writer and storyteller first and foremost having completed more than a dozen screenplays, a musical for the stage and another in audio form, a myriad of short stories and of course, songs.

As a principal in her production company “Over 40 Productions” she explores the art of storytelling in another form as a video producer and editor. She has produced many music videos for local independently produced musicians, including those for her dear friend and oft-times co-writer, Kate Wallace.

Annie and Kate learned of the Christmas Tree song search through a friend and it was Kate who suggested they give it a try. Kate’s instincts proved true as they began their delightful co-creative “dance” which culminated, as it has so many times, in something so fulfilling and hopeful they just knew it had a shot. Who, after all, does not resonated with joy, love, understanding and peace?

It is such an honor and thrill to be recognized in this way for something that brings us such joy. Our hope is that the joy is contagious.